The Parking Garage Designs Review

Guide to Improving the Durability of Your Parking Garage


Buildings are investments in the future.  Building a concrete parking garage takes much care and consideration so that it will have a long life.  The tips below will help you design a long lasting garage.


Details matter when you are designing and constructing something, so you should choose parking garage construction designer that has focus on thoroughness and attention to detail.  If you want your concrete parking garage to have a long life span then you need a carefully detailed design structure that addresses serviceability concerns.  Make you design team engaged throughout the entire construction and include the provisions of the International building code for structural tests and special inspections so that the contractor's work will be evaluated for compliance with the intent of the design.


If your concrete garage is precast, there will sometimes be joints and exposed steel connections.  In order for the precast concrete garage  not to deteriorate quickly you need to make sure that they are detailed and constructed properly.  All exposed steel connections and embedded plates should be hot-dipped galvanized, at a minimum.


If you have a cast-in-place post tensioned concrete structure, make use of encapsulated tendons and a concrete mix design which is proportioned for durability. 


If you increase the protective concrete cover over the embedded reinforcing steel, then you also achieve improved durability.  2 inches of thickness is recommended for surfaces which are exposed to de-icing chemicals and other harsh elements.  black mild steel reinforcement with increased cover is preferred over epoxy coated reinforcement with less cover.


For cost in self perform concrete portions of a structure, electrical conduits should not be embedded in them.  This is because a lot of parking garages have been damaged severely from embedded electrical conduit that has corroded and expanded, which has  caused delamination and spalling.


Observing the minimum floor slope for positive drainage can effectively increase the life expectancy of a parking structure.  This reduces the potential leaching of contaminated water into the concrete and causing corrosion of mild reinforcing steel, prestressed strands, or post tensioned tendons. 


It is important to have regular maintenance and cleaning of the parking garage.  If you want to extend the life of your garage structure then you need to remove harmful elements brought into the garage before they can cause damage, touching up galvanized coating on exposed steel connections, and repairing joint seals and sealants that have failed.


The best practice for parking garage design for durability is one without the need for a surface applied traffic coating.  IF the garage lacks the best practices to design for durability, then traffic coatings can be used for extending the life of a garage.  This traffic coating can also be used to reduce energy. For facts about parking lot, visit this website at